This website is dedicated to those people, churches and ministries that believe in a Post-tribulation Rapture.  It is our hope this website will help promote that belief among professing Christians.

    As Post-tribulation people, we believe:
           1) The church will be on earth through the tribulation of the Last Days leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ,
            2) The rapture of the church will take place at the end of the tribulation,
            3) The church will face the Antichrist who will establish the Mark of the Beast,
            4) Everyone on earth, including those professing to believe in Jesus Christ, will be required to make a decision to either take - or refuse - the Mark of the Beast,
             5) The church must be prepared for the difficult times that lie ahead during the tribulation - that it must, in effect, be ready to "endure unto the end" (Matt. 24:13).

   On the following website pages, we have:
More detailed information about the Post-
tribulation Rapture belief,
A directory of Post-tribulation people,
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Timelines of the tribulation,
A list of books we offer,
Post-trib Videos,
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Lesson plans on prophecy,
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         We welcome questions you may have about our belief in a Post Tribulation Rapture, and we also welcome your contact if you would like to be included in our Directory of Post Tribulation people, churches and ministries on this website.