Total time of Tribulation (period)
2595 days
Beginning of Tribulation
Covenant signed, brokered by the
then unknown A.C. and backed by
all of the world powers. The temple
is built in 250 days, sacrifices began.
Formula for this number is 1260 days
of 1st half +1290 days of Dan.12:11,
of 2nd half (yes extra 30 days) for
total of 2550 days, minus 2300 days
of Dan.8:13-14,  = 250 days to
build temple, and sacrifices begin.
So,1260 + 1290 = 2550 - 2300 = 250
This first 1260 days will be a time
of peace, this man (AC) will be
building a power base becoming
quite famous, loved by most.
Middle of Tribulation
The flesh body of this now famous
man is possessed by the ancient
evil spirit of the Antichrist, and he
brakes the covenant, drives the
priests of the 144K out of temple,
God protects them and the 144K.
At this midpoint we have in the
temple, three of the most evil
devil spirits: the unholy trinity
of Satan, False Christ (AC),
and False prophet. Satan will
indwell the idol that speaks
and will control events of the
2nd half from the temple through
the AC and FP, the 2nd and
3rd persons of the unholy trinity.
The AC will claim to be God also,
in the same sense that Jesus claims
to be God, and is. It's a copy. The
AC will direct worship to the idol
(Satan), as Jesus did to God.
God hates idol worship the most,
the only thing worse would be if
Satan was in this idol. But the
ultimate insult (the abomination
of desolation) would be if this idol,
with Satan in it, was placed in the
Holy of Holies. We are only told
that it is in a wing of the temple,
but with Satan's ego he would,
at some point, be placed there.
As Satan persecutes us in this
second half, God's judgment
plagues, seals, trumps, vials,
fall on those who do this to us,
sometimes at the command of
the two witnesses. The seals,
trumps, and vials do not fall in
chronological order. Last Day
plagues fall on the Last Day,
after the others have fallen.
End of Tribulation
"God's Day of Wrath" occurs at
the very end of this period, and
would have to be more than one
day, although called the Last Day.
The 7th seal, 7th trump, 7th vial,
are Last Day plagues. It's the
same earthquake, rocks, hail, and
comets falling, ebbing off and on
throughout this long day (s).   
The 6th seal opens this Last Day,
and Armageddon at the 6th vial,
is a long running event. So we can
assume that the 6th seal, trump,
and vial, also Last Day events:
God's Day of Wrath. We are not
part of this terrible long day.