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David Eells
The Church and Tribulation

Suggested by Christopher Mantei
By "Skydiver626"
Post-tribulation Rapture - The Pre-tribulation Paradox
There Was No Pre-tribulation Rapture: When is Jesus Coming Back?
Hitler Finds Out The Pre-tribulation Rapture Theory is Losing Ground
By JLC Miles
Defending The Post-trib Rapture: Scripture Simplified
By Zac Poonen
The Truth About The Pre-tribulation Rapture
By Stan Johnson
Pre-trib Rapture is Deception
By "TigerDan925"
Pre-trib Rapture vs. Post-trib Explained: One Debunked
From the Issachar Show
The Rapture of the Church - Pre or Post-trib?  

Mark McMillion
An Introduction to Prophecy in History
Daniel, Chapter 2
Daniel, Chapter 7
Daniel, Chapter 8
All on Website: Prophecies of Daniel

Wes Peters
The Timing of the Rapture
The Evil Trio
Ready or Not... (For the Lord's Coming)

Pearl J. Ray
Our Blessed Hope, Part 1
Our Blessed Hope, Part 2
Future Revival
Christians at Risk to Follow Antichrist
All on this youtube link

Joe Schimmel
Left Behind or Led Astray
Rebuttal to Critique of "Left Behind or Led Astray"

Guy Smith
Video Series: As the Days of Noah
Video #1: The Four Elements of Bible Prophecy
Video #2: Bible Prophecy Past and Future
Video #3: Identifying God's Survival Instructions
Video #4: What / The Great Tribulation
Video #5: Where / God's Place of Refuge
Video #6: Who / Worthy to Escape: 144,000
Video #7: Who, Part 2 / The Remnant of Israel: The Gathering
Video #8: When / The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Video #9: When, Part 2 / The 70th Week of Daniel
Video #10: When, Part 3 / The Beginning of Birth Pains
Video #11: When, Part 4 / The 2300 Days/Daniel 8 
Video #12: The Fourth Event / The Great Tribulation, Part 2 - The Antichrist
Video #13: Fifth Event / The Great Tribulation, Part 3 -
Wonders in Heaven / The Blood Moon
Video #14: The Gospel of the Kingdom/ Millennial Reign/ 1st Resurrection
Video #15: Gospel of the Kingdom, Part 2 - Wormwood/ Blood Moon
Video #16: Gospel of the Kingdom, Part 3 - Millennial Reign/
Five Components of the Kingdom/ Future Seige on Jerusalem
Video #17: Parable of Wheat & Tares/ Second Coming of Christ/
and the Tabernacle of God 
Video #18: Second Coming of Christ/ Four Phases of Millennial Reign
Video #19: Wedding of the Lamb/ Bride of Christ
Video #20: Parable of the 10 Virgins

Chris Steinle
The Last Enemy of Christ
Biblical Rapture - Just What it Says
Wrath and the Restoration Rapture

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