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David Eells
The Church and Tribulation

Suggested by Christopher Mantei
By "Skydiver626"
Post-tribulation Rapture - The Pre-tribulation Paradox
There Was No Pre-tribulation Rapture: When is Jesus Coming Back?
Hitler Finds Out The Pre-tribulation Rapture Theory is Losing Ground
By JLC Miles
Defending The Post-trib Rapture: Scripture Simplified
By Zac Poonen
The Truth About The Pre-tribulation Rapture
By Stan Johnson
Pre-trib Rapture is Deception
By "TigerDan925"
Pre-trib Rapture vs. Post-trib Explained: One Debunked
From the Issachar Show
The Rapture of the Church - Pre or Post-trib?  

Mark McMillion
An Introduction to Prophecy in History
Daniel, Chapter 2
Daniel, Chapter 7
Daniel, Chapter 8
All on Website: Prophecies of Daniel

Wes Peters
The Timing of the Rapture
The Evil Trio
Ready or Not... (For the Lord's Coming)

Pearl J. Ray
Our Blessed Hope, Part 1
Our Blessed Hope, Part 2
Future Revival
Christians at Risk to Follow Antichrist
All on this youtube link

John & Sandy Richards
Post-tribulation Teaching Videos

Joe Schimmel
Left Behind or Led Astray
Rebuttal to Critique of "Left Behind or Led Astray"

Guy Smith
Video Series: As the Days of Noah
Video #1: The Four Elements of Bible Prophecy
Video #2: Bible Prophecy Past and Future
Video #3: Identifying God's Survival Instructions
Video #4: What / The Great Tribulation
Video #5: Where / God's Place of Refuge
Video #6: Who / Worthy to Escape: 144,000
Video #7: Who, Part 2 / The Remnant of Israel: The Gathering
Video #8: When / The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Video #9: When, Part 2 / The 70th Week of Daniel
Video #10: When, Part 3 / The Beginning of Birth Pains
Video #11: When, Part 4 / The 2300 Days/Daniel 8 
Video #12: The Fourth Event / The Great Tribulation, Part 2 - The Antichrist
Video #13: Fifth Event / The Great Tribulation, Part 3 -
Wonders in Heaven / The Blood Moon
Video #14: The Gospel of the Kingdom/ Millennial Reign/ 1st Resurrection
Video #15: Gospel of the Kingdom, Part 2 - Wormwood/ Blood Moon
Video #16: Gospel of the Kingdom, Part 3 - Millennial Reign/
Five Components of the Kingdom/ Future Seige on Jerusalem
Video #17: Parable of Wheat & Tares/ Second Coming of Christ/
and the Tabernacle of God 
Video #18: Second Coming of Christ/ Four Phases of Millennial Reign
Video #19: Wedding of the Lamb/ Bride of Christ
Video #20: Parable of the 10 Virgins

Chris Steinle
The Last Enemy of Christ
Biblical Rapture - Just What it Says
Wrath and the Restoration Rapture

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