About Us
  We are James & Carol Taylor of a ministry for the Lord that we call End Time Overcomers.  You can find us in the Post-trib Directory on this website.
  We were drawn to the Lord by the Holy Spirit and were baptized in a river south of the small college town of Monmouth, Oregon on September 21, 1975.
  We are not now - nor ever have been - affiliated with, or belong to any church or denomination.  In fact, we're convinced that the Lord does not want us to join a church.  We believe we are to remain independent; and because of our independence, be able to be of help to all Christians and all denominations.
     We are currently attending a small church in Marietta, Georgia just north of Atlanta.  We believe this is where the Lord wants us at this time.  However, we intend to remain independent of any denomination to fulfill our purpose for the Lord.  
  For a short time after we came to the Lord, we believed in a Pre-tribulation Rapture because that's what was being taught everywhere we turned. 
  But before long, we saw in the Bible that it was not true.  We saw the Bible teaches that those who are alive and belong to Jesus in the time leading up to his return (the last generation to be alive on the earth) will be on earth all the way through the Tribulation of those days.
  When we first came to the Lord, he took us into the Book of Revelation almost before we ever knew there were Gospels or Commandments.  At first, we didn't understand much of what he showed us in those early years of our service to him; but eventually - and in his perfect timing - he started bringing it all together. 
  This is not say by any means that we think we know it all.  It only means that the Lord took his time to show us connections and truths in his word that today we understand much better than at first.  And, it means to us that we have a duty to share it with others. 
  Our major concern for Christians - for the Church on earth - is that people will not be ready for what lies ahead!  If it's true - and we believe it is - that we must face the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, believing in a Pre-tribulation Rapture is only self-deception. 
  And those who believe that way are in great danger of "falling away" from their faith - and not believing the Bible at all - when they see they are still here when the Antichrist is revealed.
  That is our concern!  And that's part of the reason for this website.