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Books by Robert Anderton
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End Times Empire Rising   Paperback (308 pages): $17.99 plus S/H
or e-Book: $8.49
This book focuses on Bible prophecy in Daniel and Revelation, as well as selected prophetic passages in Luke and I & II Thessalonians.  The introduction begins by discussing the author's discovery that the Bible teaches that the Rapture is more likely to occur at/near the end of the Tribulation rather than at the beginning.  The book then unlocks new information on the Antichrist (where he will come from - and what nations will make up his 10 nation confederation); and what God is doing through his followers in Revelation.  This book is simple, but revolutionary in its conclusions about the coming storm on the earth.

Books by Nicklas Arthur

The Rapture Will be Canceled    Paperback (125 pages, $16.64)
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Exposing the "Left Behind" Rapture deception: A modern Historicist view on current events in Bible prophecy.  The rapture theories have always been in dispute: Pre-trib, Mid-trib, Post-trib disputes have risen up in exclusively evangelistic circles of recent history, so when "true believers" don't suddenly disappear some will easily go by the wayside when all see a new Jewish Temple begin to be built.  
Will this be a part of the great delusion that will come upon the whole earth?  It seems that this great prophetic delusion has already overcome practically the entire American Evangelical and Christian world!

When the Third Temple is Built     Paperback (112 pages, $10.99)
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Most of the Christian world today believes they will be Raptured away before a period of Great Tribulation unlike any other in the history of the world.  However, as events occur around us to confirm that we are indeed in the Time of the End, many are looking deeper into the Bible - and more specifically at the prophecies of Jesus, the epistles, and the Revelation.  Many are laying down the Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine because of the shaky ground on which it is founded.  What I found out - and point out in this book - is that the error (and the deception) goes much deeper than on might think. 


Books by Charles Childers
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End-Time Tidbits   Paperback (64 pages)   Free for the asking.
This book is short and to the point.  God is raising up a people to believe the Word as it is written.  Too many books have been written to try to prove something that is not there to be proven.  Please use your Bible to read the scriptures we mention.  The more you read for yourself, the better understanding of End Time events you will receive.

Signs - Signs - Signs of the Last Days   Paperback (65 pages)   Free
This is about the Last Days of prophecy to be fulfilled in the near future.  We will quote scriptures - but some you will need to look up on your own.  Read them carefully and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart about the future of the Church.  You will find that scriptural truth will prevail over philosophy or man-made interpretation of the Word of God.

Tracts also available   Free for the asking
A Church Without the Spirit        Cashing in on Jesus        The Storm is Coming
   Church of America, Where Art Thou?           The Beast of Revelation 13
     Ye Must be Born Again     The Wheat and the Tares  


Book by L. M. Cobb
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Practical Preparation for the Lord's Second Coming
Paperback (284 pages): $16.95 plus S/H; or eBook: $4.99

This book is a resource guide for Christians on the threshold of - or living within - the Great Tribulation.  It teaches readers to exercise their God-given imagination and integrity.  It encourages believers to strategize, take action, perform exploits, and propagate hope.  Read this book with your Bible while studying the numerous scriptures specifically targeting tribulation saints.  Discover our responsibility toward those saints and the earth.  We can help them now.


Book by Tom Comer
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The Theocratic Kingdom   (eBook, 133 pages)
This book focuses primarily upon the Kingdom of God; and the proper mindset to understand that Kingdom.  It look at the big picture from Genesis to Revelation, revealing God's intentions and purposes for Israel, the Church, and the nations in the End Times.


Books by Daniel Cox

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Preparation for the Tribulation [An Alternative View]  eBook
The author recounts a number of personal experiences with efforts to prepare for disasters, includes "Lessons from the Bible," and offers his own "Conclusions and Lessons from Tribulation Possibilities."

A Commentatry on the Book of Revelation
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Book by Daniel Duval
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Noah's Ark and the End of Days  Paperback (218 pages): $11.60 plus S/H
or e-Book: $7.95
The story of Noah's ark contains shadows regarding the Last Days.  The shadows not only help to decipher an accurate timeline, but they also reveal the hand of God upon the church.  This book is a marriage between Bible prophecy and the Body of Christ, written for the common person.


Book by Bob Faulkner
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Yes. We Will       (A Posttribulation Handbook)     Paperback: $8.50 plus S/H

The current escape mentality regarding the coming of Jesus Christ for his church could be a danger in that many will not be prepared to endure the hardship that is certainly on its way in the End Times.  This book examines the "pre-tribulation rapture" and responds to several of its defenders - after sharing a more accurate view of the Lord's coming from both history and scripture. 


Book by Brian T. Goetz
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Rapture Facts and Their Conclusions   eBook (44 pages)
Many Christians have been taught that Jesus will return for his Church any day now to save them from the great tribulation that is coming.  There is no solid scriptural basis for that teaching.  What does the Bible really teach about the Rapture of the Church and the return of Jesus Christ?  Read this study - and decide for yourself what truth and conclusions the scriptures present.

Book by Mark Hillis
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Clear Light at Midnight   Paperback (108 pages): $10.97 plus S/H
or e-Book: $3.99
Come, reflect upon the important lessons to be learned by looking at the events of our day through the lens of what the Bible prophets have written.  Are we entering a time of great peril?  Is this the Midnight Hour?  More important - are we prepared - and will we stand?


Book by Wayne K. Johnson
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 The Future Reality   eBook (39 pages)
This book discusses the reality of the End Time events about to come.  It says that many Muslims believe the end is near; then it goes on to point out "Ten Events to Armageddon" before discussing the Seals, Trumpets and Vials of Revelation in some detail - and concluding with a section called "The Death of the Pre-trib Doctrine.

The Return of the Lord  (and Scientific Methodology)
The Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation Rapture beliefs are considered in this book using Scientific Methodology.  He looks at the issue of Doctrinal Proof of a belief through Logical Testing and Biblical Testing.  


Book by Douglas Krieger, Dene McGriff 
and S. Douglas Woodward
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The Final Babylon [America and the Coming of Antichrist] 
Paperback (339 pages) $18.50 plus S/H
What if the Antichrist were an American leader?  What if he were alive today in the U.S.A.?  What if he were to reveal himself to the world in just a few short years?  What would you do differently from what you are doing now?  These three authors argue just that.  Together they have written what may be viewed as a landmark book rethinking the traditional prophetic scenario in light of developments in America and the Middle East.  In some respects, "The Final Babylon" is a classic prophecy book which examines many of the most often misinterpreted prophetic scriptures.  The implications are life-changing.

Book by Arthur Lands
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Jesus The Truth of His Coming
Paperback: $15.95 plus S/H
This book contains literally what God says - not the author's opinion.  In it, he carefully compares the Pre-trub and Post-trib Rapture doctrines.  

Book by Carolyn Langdon
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Perfect Love   Paperback: $7.99 plus S/H, e-Book: $2.99
Are you looking for books which promote the truth that following Christ is a costly walk - rather than a magic carpet ride on flowery beds of ease?  Are you tired of hearing faith in Christ being defined in ways that require no responsibilities on the part of the believer?  Are you heart-broken over the condition of the mainstream "Church" of America as you witness apostasy unfolding before your very eyes?  Are you beginning to experience Matthew 24:10 in your own personal life?  Are you concerned for family members and friends who are sipping the spiritual Kool-aid that promises "escape from trouble" by way of the Pre-tribulation Rapture teaching?  
Well, look no further.  This book addresses those concerns; and will help encourage you - and confirm for you what the Spirit has been communicating all along - in your study of the Word.

Book by Bob Logston
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The End Times Bloodbath   (eBook - pdf)
This book was written over 20 years ago in a time when "The Late Great Planet Earth" was sweeping the Christian Community.  The author felt compelled in the Spirit to show that the last generation will have to live through the Great Tribulation; and prepare both Spiritually and Physically for the Evil that will sweep the world.  In prophecy, it is estimated that 2/3 of the world's population will see death during this time - hence, the title.  The book includes such chapters as "The Return," "The Evil Leaders," "The Church," "The Two Visions," "The Revelation" and "The Mark."


Book by Ian Mann
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The Laymsn's Guide to the Rapture  (eBook - $1.49)
Many books on the subject of the Rapture are filled with complicated explanations of prophecy and lengthy discourses on semantics.  But, this book has endeavoured to keep it simple.  We're sticking to Christianity 101 - the Basics.


Book by Willy Minnix
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Hard Rain [Common Questions About the End Times]
Paperback (436 pages)  $19.99 plus S/H
This book is presented in a question and answer format making it easy to find questions you might have about the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Second Coming, and much more.  It also has step-by-step information on how to logically make sense of prophecy.


Book by Jerry Parks
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And Then The End Shall Come
Paperback (370 pages) $23.39 plus S/H
What did Jesus mean when he promised to be with us until the end of the age?  What age?  What do the Scriptures say about this, and what does this mean for the timing of the Rapture?  And how will it answer Jesus' prayer in John 17 about making ready the world and the Bride?  
This book discusses the purpose of the Great Tribulation for the Church (and all of God's people) as God strives with mankind to bring about Unity in the Church and the promised "One New Man."


Book by Richard H. Perry
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 About the Time of the End (I Tell You New Revelations)
Paperback (308 pages)  $26.93 plus S/H
The Lord told the prophet Daniel the words were closed and sealed until the Time of the End.  Now, that time has come: the words are being opened and God is revealing things about that time that were previously closed.  The author says that over the past several years, God has revealed to him the Biblical prophecies that will signal the Beginning of the Time of the End - and when God will awaken His people to that Truth.  Follow along in this End Time Bible Study and see what the Church has been missing all these years since the Messiah's First Coming.  Now that the time has come, there is no time to lose in preparing for the Messiah's Second Coming.


Book by Sandra Richards

God, Guns & Guillotines  
Paperback: (249 pages) $6.44 plus S/H - go to
eBook: $1.99 - go to
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God, guns and guts made America what it is today; but "God, Guns & Guillotines" reveals how it will all end.
This book is a Post-trib version of the "Left Behind" series and will serve as a warning of Biblical prophecies yet to be fulfilled - and of a glorious Rapture immediately after the seven year tribulation.


Book by Jim Sayles
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Final Instructions    Paperback: $14.95 plus S/H
This is a personal or group discipleship study guide uniquely inspired and formatted to promote a revolutionary, powerful, and very real relationship with the Lord of Lord and King of Kings.  It is based on the Lord's final instructions to his disciples on the day of his betrayal and crucifixion.  Jesus revealed that the coming of the Holy Spirit would be to their benefit - empowering them by grace through faith to continue his works.  He also revealed that the indwelling Holy Spirit would produce a supernatural spiritual intimacy with him that would surpass anything they had experienced with him in the flesh as they participated in his divine nature through active faith - which would come as they received and obeyed the truth, promises, and commands of the Lord.  These instructions still apply today - even though much of the professing church has attempted to explain away the revolutionary truth found in John, chapters 13 to 17.

Unmasking the End Time Beast Kingdom  Paperback: $14.95 plus S/H
The great End Time prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Matthew 24-25 and Revelation, among many others, have now been unsealed by the Spirit of Truth for the purpose of preparing the "wise virgins" of the End Time Church who will be tested and proved as they overcome the intense deceptions, troublous times, and persecutions to come.
This book exposes those Satanic deceptions that we have believed - and reveals the recently unsealed "thema" truth of God concerning the intent of Satan through the prophetic events of both our past and our immediate future.


Book by Michael T. Snyder
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The Rapture Verdict  - Paperback: $10.79 plus S/H or eBook: $8.99
You are never going to look at the Book of Revelation the same way again.  In this book, the author lays out the case for why Christians will go through the Tribulation and will face the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast.  There is going to be a Rapture, but it will come immediately after the Tribulation is over.


Book by Morgan Sorensen
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The Rapture and Its Seven Different Orders
On - Paperback (160 pages) $28.95 plus S/H or eBook: $9.99
On - Paperback for $20.00 donation (free shipping)
This book reveals the "never before" discussed "Seven Orders" to the First Resurrection that began with "the graves that opened" after Jesus' resurrection; and is based on the foundational outline of the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 15: "but every man in his own order" - as also anchored in the Seven Feasts of God.  Thereby refuting any "singular rapture" theory; and coherently proving that the Last Two Orders of the First Resurrection, "the dead in Christ (Martyrs)and "we that are alive and remain" will take place on the Last Day of this present evil age as predicted by Jesus in the Gospel of John 6:40, 44 & 54. 


Books by Chris Steinle
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Why Most Christians Believe in a Post-tribulation Rapture
Paperback, 146 pages - eBook pre-print promo: $0.99  Click here to purchase
This book will show that the majority of today's Christians expect the rapture at Christ's Second Coming - and that 99% of the Christians who have lived over the past 2000 years have believed in a Post-tribulation rapture.  Examine the verses and arguments used by Pre-trib proponents in this no-stone-left-unturned expose'.  Includes four charts.

The Last Enemy of Christ 
Free eBook - **Click here to view**
The Apostle Paul's chronology reveals that the last enemy to be overcome is death.  This short free eBook establishes a reasonable basis for Paul's timeline of End Time events spoken of in his letters to the Thessalonians.  Find out why "the resurrection of the dead" is Chris's final victory over death.

Come Out of Her My People: Persecution Begins  
Paperback, First edition (204 pages) $14.99 plus S/H, eBook: $0.99
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Expanded edition (307 pages) eBook: $0.99
**Click here to purchase**
This is the only major book with that title which preserves its Biblical context.  "Come out of her my people" (Rev. 18:4) is spoken to God's people in reference to leaving a physical location.  The improper sealed rendering of Revelation has lead other authors to misguided conclusions.  Discover Revelation's living and active prophecies by unsealing John's prophecies.

Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness
Paperback: $14.95 plus S/H    **Click here to purchase**
E-book: $4.99    **Click here to purchase**
Written from a Post-tribulation point-of-view, this book presents a holistic discussion of lawlessness in the western world.

Book by Alex T.
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Prophetic Clocks: Keys to Past, Present and Beyond
E-book: $8.99
He combines numerics, solar/prophetic calendars and historical dates with bible prophecies to challenge current biblical understanding - introducing new concepts to help uncover hidden truths and address controversial topics.


Books by James C. Taylor
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I, John (A Commentary on the Revelation)
Purchase paperback (311 pages) $22.00 plus S/H
 Purchase eBook: $11.00
This is a verse-by-verse commentary on the Book of Revelation presented from a Post-tribulation rapture point-of-view.
It includes discussion of who John was that received the Revelation, the probable time in which it was received and written, a look at possible interpretations of the meaning and purpose of the Revelation, and other issues related to this magnificent, symbolic work.
In this presentation, the main body of the Revelation is shown as a series of Seven Visions - each with its own story to tell, and each ending with the Return of the Lord or an event heralding that Return - Seven Visions all rolled into one great, glorious truth given on the Isle of Patmos to John by Jesus Christ.

The Prophetic Feasts of Israel  [The Appointed Times]
Purchase paperback (103 pages) $8.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
In the Hebrew language, the word "feasts" literally means "appointed times."  God appointed Seven Feasts for the Hebrew people to celebrate and to remember until the end of time.
Through those Seven Feasts, God not only spoke directly of his plan for mankind, but he also gave us some beautiful historical - and future - pictures of his plan of redemption and provision embedded within the precepts of the ancient Mosaic Law.
As we look at each of these Seven Feasts, we should not only be amazed and astonished at God's consistency and perfection in all that he does; but we should also realize that each event prophesied in the Seven Feasts has, thus far, unfolded perfectly and will continue to do so in the time to come.
The first Four Feasts were fulfilled in the days of Christ and the Early Church; but the last three await God's perfect timing for their fulfillment in the End Time.

Symbolism in the Bible  [Types, Parables & Numbers]
Purchase paperback: (189 pages) $12.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $6.00
If we allow it, the Bible speaks to us - just as God speaks to us; for it is the voice of God to those who know their God and know the ways of their God.  
As the voice of our God - the one who brought us into this world - and the one who will take us out of this world; can we leave unturned any pebble of knowledge or wisdom that voice may offer to us?  
Or, qre we to be open to all that God may put before us - in plain speech - and in the deeper, fuller speech of symbolism in his Holy Word?

Prophecies of the Messiah [A Preponderance of Evidence]
Purchase paperback: (118 pages) $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
For Jew and Gentile alike.  For Jews and Christians alike.
There is a "preponderance of evidence" in the Bible - by way of prophecies given to man by God - about the identity of the Messiah of the Jews and the Christ of the Christians.
It is the purpose of this book to show that "preponderance of evidence" by linking Old Testament prophecies with New Testament fulfillment; with special sections devoted to the Prophetic Seven Feasts of Israel: in itself, an intriguing and inspiring study.

Views of the End Time [Volume One] 
Purchase paperback: (188 pages) $12.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $6.00
This book is a collection of articles by eleven different authors with varying viewpoints on the End Time as foretold in the Bible.  The subjects presented and discussed in this work include the Rapture of the Church, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, Preparation for the End Time, The 144,000 of the Book of Revelation, The Mark of the Beast and Letters to the Church.

Views of the End Time [Volume Two]
Purchase paperback: (191 pages) $12.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $6.00
This book is a collection of articles by fourteen different authors with varying viewpoints on the End Time as foretold in the Bible.  The subjects presented and discussed in this work include the Rapture of the Church, Babylon, The World Economy, Preparation for the Last Days, The Overcomers and Letters to the Church.

Pre-trib People Say...   
Purchase paperback: (111 pages) $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
Some years ago, there was a television show called "Kids Say the Darndest Things." The host, Art Linkletter, would interview children and, it's true, they would say some pretty wild things.  Pre-trib People do the same thing.  They say the darndest things to support their belief in a Pre-tribulation Rapture.  This book responds to a number of the things they say; and ends up giving evidence that the Rapture of the Church will take place at the end of the Tribulation - rather than before it comes - as the Pre-trib People say... 

The Seven Last Years   
Purchase paperback: (254 pages) $16.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $8.00
It's time for a wake-up call for the Church.  Before you assume you are not going through the Tribulation -- Read this book!  In it, the events of the Seven Last Years leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ are described in the order they will happen.  It is not my purpose to set dates - or to name names - but it is my purpose to wake up the Church on earth; and to show that there are difficult times that lie ahead for the world and for the Church.  It's time to get ready for those days -- time to prepare to weather the storm; and to be worthy of the high calling of Jesus Christ: our Lord and our God.

The Time of The End   
Purchase paperback: (145 pages) $10.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.80
A storm is coming!  A political, economic, and religious storm of such proportions as never seen before!  Out of the storm, a man will rise to power, establish the Mark of the Beast, and persecute the Church.  The time to prepare for a storm is before it arrives.  Have you ever asked yourself, "What is God's Plan for the Church?"  "How will I know the Mark of the Beast when it comes?"  "What can I do to prepare?"  Are you ready for the storm?  What will be your response?  Will you be ready; or will you wait until it's too late?  This book is meant to be of help to those who are alert; and want to prepare for what lies ahead.  It offers such chapters as The Rapture of the Church, The Spirit of Antichrist, The Antichrist, The Mark of the Beast, Response of the Church, and God's Plan for the Church.

Revelation 7x7   Purchase paperback: (210 pages) $14.40 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $7.20
Difficult times lie ahead for the world and the Church.  The Book of Revelation tells about that time; and about the final struggle between the Church and the evil of the world.  "Revelation 7x7" looks at the Book of Revelation as a series of seven visions folded into one; each with its own story to tell.  The seven visions within the Revelation speak of the signs of the times, define the Church, and describe God's plan for his people in the time of the end.  In "Revelation 7x7," the real Mark of the Beast is discussed; and the need to refuse it is emphasized.  We also search the nations and organizations in the world around us for the nation-beast of Revelation - and for Babylon.  And, most importantly, we explore how to prepare for the time that lies ahead.  In short, this book will be a help to those who would be Overcomers.

The United States in Prophecy  
Purchase paperback: (67 pages) $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20
Is America in Bible prophecy?  This book says the answer is a resounding "Yes!"  But, it also shows that it is not where most Americans would like to think.  In this book, we look for the United States in the Bible - in four different prophecies - by five different prophets.  The role of the U.S. in end time events - and the Destiny of America - are seen from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

The Antichrist [His Rise, Reign and Fall]  
Purchase paperback: (64 pages) $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20
       Some day a baby will be born that will grow up to become the Antichrist of Bible prophecy.  If time is as short as many believe, he could be alive and well on planet earth at this very time.  Have you ever wondered who the Antichrist is?  Have you ever wondered how we will know him when he comes?  How he will take power?  How long he will reign on earth - and how he will fall?  This book is about the rise, reign, and eventual fall of that man.  And, it's about the wars he will right to take power - and maintain his hold on earth.

The Mark of the Beast [Questions and Answers]
Purchase paperback: (53 pages) $6.40 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $2.80
      This is a book of Questions and Answers about the Mark of the Beast - and about the Antichrist who will establish the Mark of the Beast.  It is, so to speak, "Everything you have always wanted to know about the Mark."  What is the Mark of the Beast?  Who is the Antichrist?  How will we know them when they come?  These questions - and more - are presented, and answered, in a short, easy to read format.

Global Economic Collapse [And what you can do about it]
Purchase paperback: (55 pages) $6.40 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $2.80
         A worldwide economic collapse is coming!  Many believe it could be soon!  When it comes, it will be greater than the world has ever known.  It will make the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s seem like "child's play."  This book deals with the history of economic down-turns; and describes a global world economy that's in trouble.  "Global Economic Collapse" tells about the "Big One" that's coming - and provides some helpful answers to the question - "What can I do about it?"  

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Book by Anthony C. Ulokwe
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Understanding the Times  [What You Must Know]
Paperback (120 pages) $70.00 plus S/H or eBook: $20.00
He brings a message of End Time events and a wake-up call to every Christian.  This book comes out of a burden for souls and a desire to proclaim a warning to God's people all over the world.  This book may cause you concern and even bring some fear; but its message will cause you to stop and think about the time we are living in.


Book by Colleen Wandmacher
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 The Rapture: A Pre- or Post-tribulation Event
                Paperback: $16.95 (plus S/H) or eBook: $3.99
God tells us not to be deceived about the timing of our being caught up to meet Jesus in the air, an event Christians refer to as the Rapture.  He would not have said that unless there was going to be an avalanche of false teaching about it.  This book will help the reader deeply study the Word of God to see the truth: that the Rapture will be a Post-tribulation event in the sequence of End Time prophecy.


Book by Gary Wentz
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A Primer on Eschatology: Expositing the Posttrib View 
                    Paperback: $4.50 (plus S/H) or eBook: $1.00
A brief, orderly discourse on the Christian doctrine of Eschatology, with an emphasis on the Posttribulational Rapture.  This work is a defense of the Posttrib position and answers most of the objections to the Posttrib View.


Book by Abraham Wesley
This book is free.  To read it, click here.

In the Hour of Jesus' Second Coming
This book discusses in some detail the scriptures relating to the Return of Jesus - and emphasizes the need to "awake," to "know," to "look up," and "be ready" for that time.           


Books by Paul Wild
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The Timing of the Rapture     Paperback (138 pages): $14.99 (plus S/H)
The Pre-, Mid-, and Post-tribulation Rapture controversy and its relation to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is unlocked and discussed in this book.

Is the United States Mentioned in Bible Prophecy?
                Paperback: $14.99 plus S/H
Prophecy proponents maintain that the U.S. is not directly addressed in the Bible, though they state it is indirectly addressed through parallels to Israel and its judgment for apostasy and carnality.  Others believe "Mystery Babylon" is a reference to the U.S. because of our descent into paganism and global exporting of sexual perversion.  In this work, he says the Bible provides key terms to unlock the meaning of Daniel chapter 7 - and suggests that it prophesies the fate of the U.S. and other nations leading up to the Antichrist's kingdom.  He also discusses Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 as speaking of wars that precede the Tribulation and set the stage for the rise of the Antichrist.

Book by Jay Zinn
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Countdown to Eternity
Paperback (418 pages) $17.00 plus S/H or eBook: $9.99
A concise account of Revelation's events leading up to the Second Coming.; and a fresh new perspective in this commentary on the Book of Revelation.  He explains why we are seeing such radical changes on the world stage.  Islam, Russia, Israel, and the clash of cultural/political ideologies are all part of the End Time plot unfolding before our eyes and aligning with the prophecies of the Bible.  Whatever your view is on the Revelation, this book will challenge you to see eschatology in a whole new light.

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